Posted By: Joy Published: 09/11/2023 Times Read: 178 Comments: 0
Demonstration of Chinese Instruments: Guzheng

The professor will introduce the history, structure and playing techniques of Guzheng. The classic piece “Fisherman’s Song at Dusk” and a modern piece “The Orchid Pavilion-Spring Chant” will be performed....

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Posted By: Joy Published: 16/08/2023 Times Read: 277 Comments: 0
Tutorial: A Chinese Stringed Instrument with Long-lasting Popularity (Guzheng)

Guzheng is a traditional Chinese instrument with a long history, dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period (770-221 B.C.). It is one of China's unique and important folk instruments. Its beautiful tone, wide register and large array of performing techniques make it a sple...

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