The jinghu (京胡; pinyin: jīnghú) is a Chinese bowed string instrument in the huqin family, used primarily in Beijing opera. It is the smallest and highest pitched instrument in the huqin family.

Like most of its relatives, the jinghu has 2 strings that are customarily tuned to the interval of a 5th which the hair of the non-detachable bow passes in between. The strings were formerly made of silk, but in modern times are increasingly made of steel or nylon. Unlike other huqin instruments (erhu, gaohu, zhonghu, etc.) it is made of bamboo. Its cylindrical soundbox is covered with snakeskin on the front (playing) end, which forms a taut drum on which the bridge rests, sandwiched between the drum and the strings, which are connected to a peg at the bottom of the soundbox.

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Professional Chinese Jinghu (Beijing Opera Fiddle), E0571
Item Specifics Materials: Bamboo, Ebony (Pegs), Snakeskin Accessories: 1 bow, 1 bag,1 set o..
Chinese Jinghu (Beijing Opera Fiddle), E0573
Item Specifics Materials: Bamboo, Jujube Wood(Pegs), Snakeskin Accessories: 1 bow, 1 bag, 1..
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Chinese Jinghu (Beijing Opera Fiddle), for Beginners, E0570
Item Specifics Materials: Bamboo, Jujube Wood (Pegs), Snakeskin Accessories: 1 bow, 1 bag,1..
Professional Chinese Jinghu(Beijing Opera Fiddle), Iron Like Cylinder, E0572
Iron Like Cylinder: is made of bamboo with wormhole, of which the&n..
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