Concert Grade Ebony Guanzi with Additional Keys

Concert Grade Ebony Guanzi with Additional Keys
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G(Bass) key is more suitable for beginner.

Item specifics

Material : Ebony
Accessories : 1 case, 1  reed
Place of origin : Beijing, China

Length: F(Bass), approx 33.4cm
             G(Bass), approx 29.4cm
             A(Bass), approx 26.1cm
             Bb(Bass), approx 24.7cm
             C, approx 22.6cm
             D, approx 20.6cm

Packaging Details

Package Weight : approx 0.6kg
Package Size : approx 40cm * 10cm * 10cm



1. Guanzi is produced from natural wood, so there may be differences with each other.


Product Code: E1357
Key C D A (Bass) Bb (Bass) G (Bass) F (Bass)

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