Posted By: Joy Published: 13/11/2023 Times Read: 211 Comments: 0
Demonstration of Chinese Instruments: Yangqin

The professor will introduce the origin, genres, structure, hammering methods and basic techniques of Yangqin. The yangqin solo “Enchanting scenery of Western Hunan” will be performed. Besides, two famous works “Jasmine Flowers” and “Tritsch Tratsch Polka” will be performed by the Jasmine Ensemble f...

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Posted By: Joy Published: 22/08/2023 Times Read: 242 Comments: 0
Tutorial: A King of Strings and Tunes (Yangqin)

The Yangqin is known as the Chinese dulcimer, as well as the “Chinese piano.” It is the main accompaniment instrument in the orchestra of local folk operas....

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