Posted By: Joy Published: 03/11/2023 Times Read: 250 Comments: 0
Demonstration of Chinese Instruments: Suo Na

The Suo Na is a Chinese wind instrument with a loud sound, similar to the trumpet used in western music. Suo Na plays an important role in Chinese folk music. The professor will introduce the history, techniques and genres of the Suo Na, and will perform the traditional music “Palanquin Bearing”....

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Posted By: Joy Published: 10/05/2023 Times Read: 390 Comments: 0
Tutorial: Suona Skills and Classic Tunes

In this episode, CNODDT musician LiuXizhan demonstrates the different techniques and samples a few classic pieces written for the traditional Chinese musical instrument. Skillful tongue and breath control is key when playing the suona. Typical techniques include single, double, and triple tonguing, ...

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Posted By: Joy Published: 08/05/2023 Times Read: 372 Comments: 0
Tutorial: History and Culture of Suona

In this episode, CNODDT musician LiuXizhan explores the history of the traditional Chinese musical instrument and how it became part of China’s intangible cultural heritage....

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