Posted By: Joy Published: 11/11/2023 Times Read: 174 Comments: 0
Demonstration of Chinese Instruments: Guqin

The professor will introduce the development history, structure, genres and the techniques of the Guqin, the oldest Chinese plucked stringed instrument. The classic piece “Running Water” and the modern piece “Three Gorges Boat Song” will be performed....

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Posted By: Joy Published: 03/07/2023 Times Read: 255 Comments: 0
Tutorial: A Tranquil Sound for A Modern Era (Guqin)

The guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument with a history of more than 5,000 years. Today, our host meets a master of guqin and learn from him more abou it....

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Posted By: Joy Published: 27/06/2023 Times Read: 311 Comments: 0
How to Craft Ancient Chinese Musical Instrument Guqin

Guqin, a 7-stringed zither that dates back over 3,000 years, has been hailed as the "father of Chinese music." It takes at least 18 months to make a guqin. The process has more than 100 steps, including crushing pearls and gemstones and mix them with raw lacquer....

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