Posted By: Joy Published: 05/11/2023 Times Read: 222 Comments: 0
Demonstration of Chinese Instruments: Dizi

The professor will introduce the history, genres, structure and techniques of Chinese dizi. A piece of Bang Di ”Petals in Profusion” and a modern piece of 8-hole dizi “Blue Lotus” are performed. ...

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Posted By: Joy Published: 19/07/2023 Times Read: 361 Comments: 0
Tutorial: Jovial Melodies Played on an Ancient Instrument (Dizi)

The dizi, the oldest Chinese wind musical instrument, has a long history. In ancient times, it mostly referred to the vertical flute. In the Han Dynasty, transverse flutes emerged on the scene. By the Tang Dynasty, transverse flutes and vertical flutes were called Di and Xiao respectively....

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