Classical Guzheng Music 1CD

Classical Guzheng Music 1CD
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01 高山流水 High Mountains and Flowing Waters
02 寒鸦戏水 Jackdaws Playing in the Water
03 打雁 The Wild Goose Hunting
04 渔舟唱晚 Fishermen's Song at Eventide
05 莺啭黄鹂 The Singing Oriole
06 出水莲 Lotus Out of Sludge
07 海青拿鹤 The Eagle Catching the Swan
08 秋思 Autumn Reflections
09 夜静銮铃 Horse-Bells Ringing at Night
10 陈杏元和番 Chen Xingyuan, an Envoy for Peace
11 迎宾客 Welcome for Guests
12 柳青娘 Lady Green Willow(Liu Qingniang)
13 闹元宵 Celebration of the Lantern Festival

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Product Code: E0784

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