Classical Dizi Music 1CD

Classical Dizi Music 1CD
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01 喜相逢 Joyful Reunion
02 五梆子 Wu-Bang-zi
03 荫中鸟 Birds in the Shade
04 卖菜 Hawking Vegetables
05 鹧鸪飞 Partridges Flying
06 梅花三弄 Three Variations on the Plum Blossoms
07 姑苏行 A Trip to Gusu
08 牧民新歌 A New Song of the Herdsmen
09 山村迎亲人 The Mountain Village Welcomes Dear People
10 小放牛 A Young Buffalo Boy
11 牧笛 Pastoral Flute
12 枣园春色 Spring in the Date Garden
13 布谷鸟来了 Here Come the Cuckoos
14 杨鞭催马运粮忙 Delivering Public Grain with Horse Carts

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Product Code: E0128

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