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Song of Heroes (Suona Music)

Song of Heroes is originally one of the theme songs for the 1998 series The Water Margin. The television series was adapted from Shi Nai'an's classical novel of the same title, about a band of 108 outlaws who fight against the corrupt government. The song was composed by the famous musician Zhao Jip...

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Date Harvest (Suona Music)

This is a folk music dating from a long time ago. The music is enthusiastic and bold, expressing the northern golden autumn season. Men and women, old and young, with a basket, holding a pole in one hand, hitting dates, joking around. This song requires one to put a “whistle” in the back of the mout...

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The Brilliant Red Shandandan Flowers (Suona Music)

It is originally a song widely popular in China which can be sung by nearly every adult in the country. The song is as beautiful as the red flowers themselves. Rich harmonies transport the listener to the hillsides of Shaanxi Province, home to the bright red blossoms. ...

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Hundreds of Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix (Suona Music)

“Hundreds of Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix” is one of the ten most famous Chinese folk instrumental pieces. The most memorable part of this piece is its warm and cheerful melody. By imitating the scene of hundreds of birds singing together with suona, this piece creates a festive and lively atm...

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