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Start of Autumn

Start of Autumn revolves around describing “Liqiu”, one of the 24 solar terms. The combination of the distinctive sounds of traditional music and small-ensemble chamber music produce imaginative tunes which narrate how modern Chinese living in cities long for the country life of olden times....

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Ode to Pipa (Pipa Dance)

Ode to Pipa features a mesmerizing dance inspired by a poem written by distinguished poet Bai Juyi from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). ...

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A Moonlit Night on the Spring River (Pipa Music)

Originally a pipa solo piece, it has been popular in China since Ming Dynasty, called “Pipa of Xunyang”, also named as Flute and Drum at Sunset. Around 1925, this music is renamed as “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River”, which is the name of a poem from Tang Dynasty by Zhang Ruoxu. Since then, ...

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The Whisper of Pipa (Pipa Music)

Born in 1969, Lin Hai is one of the successful composer that beautifully mixed western and eastern styles. This composition was published in Lin Hai’s music album “Images of Pipa” in 2003. The simple yet touching melody soon became the icon of modern Chinese instrumental pop, and was used as the m...

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Dance of the Yi People (Pipa Music)

Dance of the Yi People, sometimes also called Dance of the Yi Tribe or Yi Dance, is one of the most popular solo compositions for the pipa. It was composed in the 1960s by the Chinese composer Wang Huiran, presumably based on traditional music of the Yi people of southern China. With the innovativ...

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Ambush from Ten Sides (Pipa Music)

Ambush from Ten Sides is a classical piece written for the pipa. "Ambush" is written in the "Wu" or martial style, and is about the Battle of Gaixia in 202 BC during which General Xiang Yu was defeated by Liu Bang. Ambush from Ten Sides provides a vivid depiction, in the form of musical narrative...

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