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The Courtyard after the Rain (Liuqin Music)

This Liuqin piece is jointly created by contemporary composer Su Wenqing and his wife Zheng Cuiping. With its refreshing and romantic emotional tone and strong Western compositional style, “The Courtyard After the Rain” opens up new ideas for the creation of music for liuqin. The perfect blend of l...

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Posted By: Joy Published: 11/05/2023 Times Read: 234 Comments: 0
Spring on Yi River (Liuqin Music)

This Liuqin piece portrays the spring scenery on Yi River of Shandong and how the vibrant spring energy that flows along the river brings life to its two banks. It also paints a picture of the people working happily in the fields, looking forward to a bountiful harvest and a bright future ahead. The...

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