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The Phoenix Croons for Love

"The Phoenix Croons for Love" is a famous title, said to be an ancient tale that Sima Xiangru played qin in order to seduce Zhuo Wenjun....

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Flowing Water (Guqin Music)

Guqin melody Flowing Water goes back a very long time, dating back to the Spring Autumn Period (722 BC to 481 BC). This song was played by famed guqin player BoYa to his cherished friend ZiQi, who understood and appreciated the meanings BoYa tried to convey through his music. The enduring bond bet...

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Three Variations on Plum Blossoms (Guqin Music)

“Three Variations on Plum Blossoms” is one of the most famous pieces of traditional Chinese music.This piece consists of two parts. The first part applies a compositional method called recapitulation, and the second part concentrates on the description of the dynamic and static images of the plum b...

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Guangling Verse (Guqin Music)

Guangling Verse (or Guangling Melody), is one of the 10 Chinese ancient musical masterpieces. It is said to have been in circulation during the Han Dynasty and was played by Ji Kang, a Chinese Guqin player of the Cao Wei Dynasty. It depicts the assassination of King Han by Niezheng during the Warr...

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Pounding Clothes (Guqin Music)

Pounding Clothes, also called Autumn Pestle or Pounding Clothes in the Courtyard During Autumn, is attributed to the work of Pan Tingjian from the Tang dynasty. It describes scenes of women pounding and washing clothes for relatives who had gone to the faraway borders, reflecting people’s longing f...

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