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Rain in Jiangnan (Bawu Music)

Pelle Nordqvist 高俊 is a repeat customer of Red Music Shop from Sweden and a true China hand. To select a bawu that suits him best, he came to China to visit our office in person and we became friends. He also took a trip to Hangzhou and Suzhou, where he appreciated the beauty of Jiangnan scenery and...

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Sunset Glow over a Fishing Village (Bawu Music)

This piece of music is created basically adopting the tone of fisherman's songs in the East China Sea. It not only retains the ethnic style suitable for the performance of Bawu, but also has the unique rhythm of fisherman's songs....

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The Charm of Colorful Clouds (Bawu Music)

The Charm of Colorful Clouds is composed in the folk music style of ethnic minority in southwest China, with strong ethnic and regional characteristics. The whole piece is melodious, the rhythm is sometimes stable and sometimes enthusiastic, showing the fresh and simple natural beauty of the ethnic ...

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